Responsive, mobile-friendly website design & build. We provide a professional service to help you deliver your customers the best experience. 



Responsive Websites

We design your websites to work perfectly on mobile. 

Safe & Secure Sites

We build your sites to be safe & secure.

Web Pages & Online Store

5 free web pages and 25 products/services listings

Immediate Release

1 month free website hosting.

Fast Loading Times

All content is optimised to be pretty, but quick to load.

SSL & Email

Free SSL Certificate and email accounts. 

We build a variety of different types of websites to suit your needs as a business or individual. All of our websites are customised and tailored to your brand to build the best experience for customers. Leave a lasting impression. If you would like to know more, why not get in touch on our Live Chat or through our contact page. 



Want to get your business to your customers online, this might be just what you need. A brochure style website, that contains the essential information to get your customers engaged. This is likely the most common website we make.



If you are looking to sell products and services online and have customers pay on your website, this is perfect for you. We build in industry standard security and help you accept card payments in a variety of ways. Customers love to shop online with all the convince it brings.



Do you have products you wish to showcase, but you don't want to sell online? Or, might you have a portfolio you wish to showcase? This is the type of website we can build for you. Simple and effective.



Looking to break out into a blog-style website? These are incredibly popular forms of websites and can gain traction quickly. They are great for personal and business use. Blog websites are visually appealing and are predominantly used for writing and updating posts.

Caxton Websites provides a range of services to help your website beat the competition. Our Website Design, Build & SEO services are professional and work to your budget at £24.95 p/h. We also provide lightening fast hosting for just £6.95, with server up time at 99.99% for 2019. If you require both, we offer discounted Website Management & SEO to the websites we’ve built, as we believe in our sites for speed and security. 

We have the most unique offering in the industry, pioneering free websites for all. Why not get in touch and tell us about your next project?

Built To Last

We work with the latest design applications to keep your website ahead of the competition.