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We strive to be different and believe there's a better way to launch online. 

There’s no doubt you need a digital presence. However, high-quality, affordable web design can be hard to find. The truth is, you do get what you pay for, but this shouldn’t mean you’re in a catch-22 choosing between a cowboy or capital?

Caxton Websites aims to disrupt the market, using our expertise in professional website design. We’re offering an effective website design free of charge, with affordable additional services; website hosting, business support, graphic design and organic SEO services. 


Business, Website & SEO Support

Per Hour. Need help with website, SEO, business incorporation or design?
  • Professional SEO Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Incorporation Support
  • Add Products/Pages
  • Fast Turnaround

Free Website Design & Build Services

Free Website
Instead, a capped 10% servicecharge* is applied to sales.
  • 1 Month Fast Free Website Hosting
  • A Unique Custom Website Design
  • Enabled Secure SSL Certificate
  • Fast Turnaround & Support
  • Add 25 Products/Services

Website Hosting and Management

Per Month. Alternatively pay £60 per year and save 28% on hosting fees.
  • Fast Hosting with 99.9% Uptime
  • 100% Renewable Energy Match
  • Sever Security & Site Updates
  • Business Email Accounts
  • Backups & CDN


Much like a beloved online marketplace, we charge a small service charge of 10% of all sales of products/services made through the websites we create up to a gross total of £2500. Unlike typical web design agencies; we’re able to offer genuinely affordable web design. We’re as invested as you to make sure your website works. Much like a commission, we make sure you’re site is getting traction and not just left on the back-burner. 


If you’re successful, we succeed.

Welcome to the Caxton Websites family. Our Website Design & Build page can tell you more about the types of websites we provide. If you are not sure about exactly what your website requires, we are here to help. Get in touch via our contact page or social media. We would be more than happy to talk about our affordable website services and how we can help.


Caxton Websites unique model allows our client's affordable web design and gets them online initially for meagre costs. We apply the service fee to any work, product, ad-revenue or service sold or generated through the website or business email.  The service fee is capped at £2500 (average cost of our websites). Therefore, once the value of the site has been repaid, the service fee will no longer apply to your website, and you'll then receive 100% of the revenue. 

Here is an example of our service fee applied (note, the service fee is billed monthly):

Website A - Year 1:

  • Revenue from Website A = £5,500
  • 10% of Revenue = £550
  • Therefore, Service Fee = £550

Website A - Year 2:

  • Revenue from Website A = £14,000
  • 10% of Revenue = £1400
  • Therefore, Service Fee = £1400

Website A - Year 3:

  • Revenue from Website A = £29,000
  • 10% of Revenue = £2900
  • Therefore, Service Fee = £550 
  • [Service Charge Cap Reached]

Website A will no longer pay a service charge. 

No. Our approach means we don't charge you a hefty upfront fee and allows you to allocate finances during the early days more effectively. We carry the risk in the unlikely event you don't succeed; we also will not be paid. 

Yes. The service fee applies to work, product, ad-revenue, affiliate marketing or service sold or generated through the website.

We are still able to create websites on our hourly fee of £25p/h, or you can buy-out the service fee at any point for the remaining balance on the £2500 cap. 

Find out more about Caxton Websites and what makes us different. 

Our Promise

We work for you. If you’re successful, we succeed. Join the revolution.