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To help businesses and individuals during this challenging time, we’re offering free website design services to get your business or new idea online within a matter of weeks. 

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We’re specialists in the art of web design. Currently we’re offering free website design services for your business or brand to get online! Our offer is unique, we will build your website free of charge. If you’re successful, we succeed. Learn about our pricing here.

At Caxton Websites we take time to understand our customers needs. In real terms that means we deliver a service without the jargon and deliver beautiful web design that work effectively.

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Rank on Google

We want your website to perform. SEO is built into the website design, which put simply is about optimising your website so it ranks highly on Google Search. It is an ongoing process, but is something we start straight away.

Custom Websites

Every website we make is unique. A website is your online home. It can be where clients first find you. Therefore it's important for us to work closely to ensure we build your brand and design your website specifically for your target audience.

Free website design

That's right, free website design services. To ensure you're not stopped at the first hurdle, we will get your business online for free. Our service is unbeatable in price! We offer one month free hosting, five pages and 25 products/services listed on your website.

Comparable to other online marketplaces, we charge a service charge of 10% (capped at a lifetime total of £2500). But unlike online marketplaces, you’re have your own website to build your brand and customer base with complete control. Doesn’t work out? We’ll carry the risk, but it also means we’re committed to make sure your website is a success. Website Designers in Brighton and love the city! 


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